An Essential Course For Every Woman Starting a Holistic or Coaching Business

Release IT fear and set yourself up for success

Release IT Fear

You won't break the internet!

I understand that when you feel like IT isn't your thing, that it can be a bit scary. So much that you wouldn't even consider building a website yourself. But how disappointing would it be if you outsourced your web build to an expert for you to then not be able to add simple things like blog posts or create a new sales page for a new offer? This is why I have created this course, I want to empower you to learn how to manage your own website so you are not relying or waiting on anyone else to take action in your business. Yes you can always outsource and as your business grows you likely will, but knowing how to do these things yourself gives you an edge. It allows you to make educated decisions and better, clearer requests. And it doesn't take a tech genius I promise you that!

The simplist DIY website course that results in a gorgeous looking website, made with love, by you!

You don't need to invest thousands in a programmer OR be a tech wizard to have a beautiful and functioning website for your holistic or coaching business.

What you can achieve...

After completing this self study course you will have taken your business to the next level by giving it the beautiful and functional website it deserves.

  • A gorgeous looking website for your holistic or coaching business.

  • Systems in place to take bookings, capture email addresses and sell both physical and digital products (including webinars and live events)

  • Full knowledge in how your website operates so you have the freedom to make changes and add content as you like

A sleek new website in 3 easy steps...


    Sign up and get access to the course material AND unlimited access to the Shopify platform with your own website account.


    Work at your own pace through the course material and action the steps in the short simple video tutorials in real time as you watch.


    Go LIVE and launch your gorgeous new website! Time to celebrate!

Energy World Vs The IT Crowd

Avoid having to explain your work to an IT department

I know how frustrating it can be trying to explain to a programmer what you do as a holistic entrepreneur or coach. Trying to explain that you need a booking system for a distance energy treatment to someone who has no idea they are more than matter can be soul destroying plus it makes it very difficult to create what you want. Let's face it, if they don't understand what you do they will not be able to create the vibe and energy you need and want your website to have!

No business should be without a good looking and well functioning website, when it can be so easy to build one!

Gone are the days of needing to be a programmer or a tech guru to build your own site. This course empowers you to DO IT YOURSELF and gives you full knowledge in how your website operates so you have the freedom to make changes and add content as you like.

Course content

    1. Welcome!

    1. Plan & Prepare

    2. Plan Your Website Structure

    3. Clarify Your Brand Message

    4. Web Page Structure & Copy

    1. Time to Build

    2. Building your Website Structure

    3. Building Homepage Content

    4. Building Page Content

    5. Adding Brand Colours

    6. Customising Email Notifications

    7. Adding Brand Typography

    8. Button Settings

    9. Adding your Favicon

    10. Customising the Announcement Bar

    11. Customising the Footer

    12. Creating Products

    13. Creating Collections

    14. Featured Products

    15. Publishing a Blog

    16. Adding Links, Images & Videos to Blog Posts

    1. Creating Systems

    2. Adding a Link to Book a FREE Call

    3. Installing Appointment App for 1:1 Sessions

    4. Creating an Automated Email with Zoom Link for Online Workshops

    5. Setting up your Lead Generator

    6. Create a custom link in bio page

    1. Prepare to Launch

    2. Transferring Ownership

    3. Setting up Billing

    4. Choosing Your Shopify Plan

    5. Setting Up Payments

    6. Adding a Custom Domain

    7. Transferring/Connecting an Existing Domain (If you already own a web address)

    8. Going LIVE!

    1. Congratulations

About this course

  • Free
  • 38 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Enrol & Start Building your Website Today

Easy to follow video tutorials, showing you what you need to know (and only what you need to know) so that you can easily build a gorgeous looking website for your business.


  • How much knowledge of computers do I need?

    If you can the internet to google search and use apps like Instagram and Facebook you'll be able to do this. I have made this super easy. So anyone with basic IT skills can build their own website. You do not need any coding ability or to even have used a web building platform before.

  • What platform will my website be hosted on?

    Shopify! I've chosen Shopify for this course, because I have used the likes of Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace and I believe Shopify to have the most user friendly experience plus it has built in e-commerce functionality (meaning you can sell your services) and it has extras like automated email marketing included.

  • What costs are involved?

    The course is itself is priced at €222. If you need a domain address (and do not want to use a basic Shopify web address) you will need to purchase one. They are around $15 annually. You will be guided through this in the course) When you are ready for your website to go live you will need to sign up for a Shopify hosting package. This is €32 a month or €288 for the year. By using my course you gain access to the Shopify platform for as long as you want before you start paying a subscription. (Without the course you would only get a 14 day trial period)

  • When is the best time to book a 1:1 consultation?

    If you are one of the lucky 10 to receive a FREE 1:1 zoom consultation, it needs to be booked within 90 days of purchasing the course. The best time to book would be when you have completed the course content and actioned everything. Then during the call I will look over your beautiful website and give you any suggestions I see to make improvements and answer any questions you might have. If you did not receive a FREE 1:1 zoom consultation but would like to purchase one you can do so by emailing [email protected].

  • My business is new and I don't have everything figured out? Should I wait until I have more clarity?

    In short? No. The purpose of this course is to empower you to be able to operate and manage your website yourself. Meaning as your business changes and grows so can your website. The plan and prepare section of this course will give you greater clarity in your business in that it helps you understand your ideal audience and how to communicate to them. It also helps you think intentionally about how you might serve. If anything I think this course will get you closer to having "everything figured out" and it will certainly put you in a place where you can start earning money. And the best way to learn and get clarity is by doing!

  • How do I know if this kind of website will suit my business?

    This course was created with holistic entrepreneurs and life coaches in mind. It was created for those who want to have a professional and functional website that promotes their services, has the ability of booking connection calls, capturing email addresses, taking payments and bookings for appointments, selling physical or digital products, and selling tickets for virtual or in person events. If you want any of the above for your business than this course will suit you.


Your enrolment includes all of these special bonuses!

  • 60 Minute 1:1 Consultation

    €300 value

    Receive my support, suggestions and advice in a special 1:1 zoom consultation. I will review the work you've done and offer you some feedback and answer any questions or queries you might have! [This bonus is limited to the first 10 enrolments]

  • Brand Colours Ebook

    €49 value

    This ebook provides everything you need to know to choose the right colours for your business brand. Ensure your colours are sending the message you want them to!

  • DIY Logo

    €99 value

    This short video tutorial shows you how you can create your own high resolution logo for your coaching or holistic business using Canva! (Even if you've never used Canva before!)

Your Guide

Ailish Flaherty

Business Coach & Mentor

I help holistic entrepreneurs & coaches establish their heart-led businesses so they can work in a way that feels authentic and follows their calling without limiting their earning potential.


What Coaches & Holistic Entrepreneurs Have to Say...

“I don't consider myself very technically minded but Ailish makes everything feel very manageable. She is a wonderful teacher, very clear and concise. Learning how to manage and operate my own website is one of the most empowering things I have done for my business in the last couple of years. ”


“I now feel like a pro when it comes to my Shopify website!”


“Thank you so much. I'm having great fun playing around with the website. The videos are soooo easy to follow!”



The first 10 enrolments will receive a complimentary 1:1 zoom consultation.